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A Comprehensive Guide to What Causes Cavities

Comeaux Dental of The Woodlands & Spring in Texas will take a deeper dive into the causes of cavities. This is for both parents of young children and adults who are interested in a better understanding of these conditions. Since there is no way to restore large amounts of missing or damaged teeth structure, treatment for cavities is focused on prevention.

What are Dental Caries (Cavities), and how do they work?

Dental caries, or Latin "rot", also known as tooth decay, or a "cavity", is a bacterial infection that results in the destruction and demineralization of the hard tissues (enamels, dentins, and cementum) of the teeth. Acid is produced by bacteria from food debris that has accumulated on the tooth's surface. The following factors can cause demineralization of teeth: Carbohydrates, plaque, and dry mouth are more common than factors that help to remineralize teeth (i.e. Tooth decay can occur due to the presence of saliva, calcium, fluoride, and saliva. Dental decay is the most common childhood chronic disease. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, 60% of children will experience tooth decay before they turn five.

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How to Prevent and Treat Sensitive Teeth

When you have sensitive teeth, eating or drinking anything that’s not at room temperature can cause pain. You might even feel a throbbing sensation when a cold wind blows against your mouth. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem with many possible causes. Before delving into them, it’s important to understand the structure of the tooth.

Tooth Structure and Dental Hypersensitivity 

The inside of each of your teeth contains a material called dentin. The dentin has tiny tubules and nerve endings. Each tooth also has a hard-outer layer of enamel that protects the dentin located inside of the top portion of the tooth. We also refer to this part of the tooth as the crown. A layer of cementum protects the dentin that reaches down into the root portion of each of your teeth. The pain of tooth sensitivity occurs when the protective coating of cementum or enamel wears away from the dentin. Acidic, sticky, cold, or hot foods and beverages are common triggers for pain. 

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Reasons You Might Grind Your Teeth and How to Stop

Most people grind their teeth occasionally, whether they realize it or not. Fortunately, periodic teeth grinding causes no lasting damage to the teeth or jaws. It’s only when the teeth grinding becomes a habit that it also becomes a cause for concern. Medically known as bruxism, chronic grinding of the teeth can lead to long-term oral health complications such as wearing the tooth down to a stump, cracked or fractured teeth, loose teeth, infection, and more. These problems increase the likelihood of major dental interventions such as tooth extraction, root canals, dentures, implants, bridges, and crowns.

Why Do People Grind Their Teeth?

Perhaps you can relate to the feeling of experiencing so much stress that you instinctively grind your teeth as a means of coping. In fact, stress is the top reason that people develop this habit in the first place. It can also develop due to existing problems with your teeth and jaws such as crooked teeth, missing teeth, or a bite that doesn’t fully come together.

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